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Local Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Kerbey Lane (Drag/26th)
Texas Chili Parlor (Lavaca/14th)
The Story of Texas Cafe (TSHM)
O's Cafe (ACES Building)
Dirty Martin (Drag/28th)
McDonald's (MLK/San Antonio)
Wendy's (MLK, Union, Jester)
Chick-Fil-A (Union)
Jack in the Box (Drag/Dean Keaton)
Ruby's BBQ (Drag/29th)

Coffee & Bagels:
Starbuck's (Jester, Union, 24th, 15th)
Java City (PCL - Prufrock's)
Seattle's Best Coffee (RLM Bldg.)
Einstein Bagels (Drag/25th)

Pizza & Italian:
Pizza Hut (MLK/Drag)
Gatti's (MLK/Nueces)
Domino's (MLK/Drag)
Austin's Pizza (Drag)

Taco Cabana (MLK/Nueces)
Taco Bell (Union)
Chipotle (Drag)
Trudy's (30th)
El Mercado (Lavaca/17th)
Torchy's Tacos (28th/Drag)
Arturo's (17th)
South American:
Sao Paulo's (San Jacinto/Duval)
Bars & Clubs:
Cain and Abel's (24th/Rio Grande)
Scholz Biergarten (San Jacinto/17th)
Crown and Anchor (San Jacinto/Duval)
Cactus Cafe (Union)
Hole in the Wall (Drag)
Deli, Subs & Sandwiches:
Subway (Dobie, 24th)
Thundercloud Subs (Lavaca/16th)
Which Wich (Drag)
Texadelphia (Drag, Rio Grande/15th)
Arturo's (17th)
Jimmy John's (MLK/32nd)
Quizno's (Union, 24th)

Pluckers (Rio Grande/23rd)

Tiff's Treats (MLK/Nueces)
Health Conscious:
Pita Pit (Drag)
Clay Pit (16th/Drag)
Tapioca House (Drag)
Pho (Drag)
Coco's Cafe (Drag)
Madam Mam's (Drag)
MLK - Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Drag - Guadalupe St.
TSHM - Texas State History Museum

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